Monthly Archive: June 2016

Giant Leaves in a Park

Recently, I went for a drive with my parents. After about an hour we stopped in an area with lot of greenery. We decided to explore the area and after some walking we ended up in a large park, almost the size of a forest. There was even a lake inside. There I found something very interesting. I saw these plants with huge leaves. Each leaf was larger than my whole body!
Have you seen leaves of this size? Tell me if you have!


Air Cargo Transporter

It is Sunday today.  For me, it is a day when I make new things – usually using blocks, Lego and Meccano.  Lately I have been going to the airport often.  There I see many huge planes, but I also see these huge buildings where I was told they keep lots of cargo.
What is cargo?  It is just stuff; stuff which is coming from and going to different people and places all around the world.
So, today I decided to build an Air Cargo Transporter.  You can see that the back of the transporter looks like the fuselage of a plane.  You will also see that it is made of many sections.  This is because my transporter can change size, it can become longer or shorter, depending on how much cargo it needs to carry.
Do you have any ideas about how I can improve the design of my transporter?  Why not write to me below and tell me what you think.

Space Observatory

This is a Space Observatory I built.  It can receive all sorts of signals from space, from other planets and stars.  It has sensors for radio waves, light waves and can detect movements of objects – big and small – in space.

I am really curious about space, and I hope one day I will get to go into space on a big and very fast rocket.  Did you know even though our rockets travel very fast, they are actually extremely slow for travel into space.


Pink Fast Train!

Have you been on a very fast train?  I have been on one, a few times.  And it is called….TGV.  TGV is one of the fastest trains in the world.  It is made in France, and of course it runs in France as well.  Actually, it also goes to some neighboring countries like Switzerland and Italy.

I think Eurostar trains are also based on TGV locomotives.  Eurostar goes through Channel Tunnel, which you may know, is a long tunnel underneath the sea!  This tunnel connects England with France.

I decided to draw this train because I like trains.  I like fast electric trains even more.  TGV is an electric train, which means it does not give out that terrible smell which diesel trains give out.  Also, electric trains are much quieter and they are better for our environment.

Why pink? Well my simple answer is because I ran out of white paper!  But I think a train on pink looks unique.  Don’t you?


Martin in Space

Today is Saturday. I went swimming in the morning, and it was wonderful! It is quite a warm day, and when I came home, I thought of painting the sky. But hold on, why just the sky? Why not beyond the sky? Why not space? Yes, that is it! Space.

So, after about an hour here is what I ended up with……Space. You can see the Sun, Earth, Moon, and I decided to paint Mars as well.

If you look carefully, you will see a rocket. That is my rocket. Well I had to get to space somehow!

What a Locomotive Should Look Like

I love trains.  I am sure you do too!  Often when I watch trains go by, either at the station, or from a bridge, I notice that many trains look, well – Headless!  Where is the locomotive?  Who is pulling the train?  Magic?  Well we all know there is no such thing as magic.  So who?  I asked my father that question. He pretends not to like trains; yeah right!  Who believes that?  Anyway, he said many trains now have a little electric motor or a diesel engine at the bottom of each car.  So each train car pulls itself, and there is no locomotive needed!  My first thoughts – YUK, we still use stinky and heavily polluting diesel?  Not even petrol?  And here I thought I was born in 21st century.  So much for modern high-tech stuff, that we still have trains based on 100+ years old technologies.  Never mind that; without a locomotive trains look boring and I must say Weak, Very Weak!

So, after finishing my home work, and some science (yes, I love science!), I decided to draw a high-tech locomotive.  And here its is….

My Fast Locomotive

It is aero-dynamic, and it runs on fuel-cells.  What are fuel-cells?  Click here to find out!