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My Trip to Farnborough Air Show in England

Farnborough Air Show in England is one of the biggest air shows in the world.  Couple of years ago I went to this air show with my father.  I saw so many planes and helicopters which I had never seen so close to me.  I even saw the Airbus A380 takeoff and land!  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy….

  • A plane flying at Farnborough Air Show
    A plane flying at Farnborough Air Show
Private Jet Plane at Farnborough AirportMilitary Helicopter at Farnborough Air ShowFighter Plane at Farnborough Air ShowBoeing 787 Dreamliner at Farnborough Air ShowRussian Passenger Jet at Farnborough Air ShowAirbus A380 at Farnborough Air Show

I would like to know if you you like to visit Air Shows.  Tell me below!

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Primrose Hill – Regents Park – London

This beautiful view is from a hill in London. It is called Primrose Hill, and is in the north side of Regent’s Park. On a clear day, you can see quite a bit of London from the hill. Be ready to walk uphill for about 10 minutes! It is a little hard, but once you get to the top, you can sit and relax, and enjoy the wonderful views! I took this picture from the top. What do you think?