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What a Locomotive Should Look Like

I love trains.  I am sure you do too!  Often when I watch trains go by, either at the station, or from a bridge, I notice that many trains look, well – Headless!  Where is the locomotive?  Who is pulling the train?  Magic?  Well we all know there is no such thing as magic.  So who?  I asked my father that question. He pretends not to like trains; yeah right!  Who believes that?  Anyway, he said many trains now have a little electric motor or a diesel engine at the bottom of each car.  So each train car pulls itself, and there is no locomotive needed!  My first thoughts – YUK, we still use stinky and heavily polluting diesel?  Not even petrol?  And here I thought I was born in 21st century.  So much for modern high-tech stuff, that we still have trains based on 100+ years old technologies.  Never mind that; without a locomotive trains look boring and I must say Weak, Very Weak!

So, after finishing my home work, and some science (yes, I love science!), I decided to draw a high-tech locomotive.  And here its is….

My Fast Locomotive

It is aero-dynamic, and it runs on fuel-cells.  What are fuel-cells?  Click here to find out!