Children’s Toys

Who does not love toys? I love toys, and I think all children love toys. Here on my site I will show you some of my toys.


For my monthly home work this time we were asked to create a new musical instrument. The teacher said we should be able to change the pitch and volume of the sound. So after some research I came up with this design. Let me introduce you to THE STRINGO! The best homemade musical instrument designed and build by The Martin 😊

 I used a shoe box (cut our a hole in the centre), two wooden sticks and several rubber strings.Plus sticky paper to decorate the box.

To change the pitch you have to move the wooden sticks outwards or inwards, and to change the volume you simply have to hit the strings hard. Simple! And sounds like real music!

Handmade musical instrument
Handmade musical instrument – The Stringo

M1 Robot

Good news. I have turned 8! Some kids get a pet – may be a dog or a cat. For me, it is time for some new cool, smart toys.
To start with, my parents got me this box which contained a large collection of strange looking parts. After only a few minutes I knew I was going to build a robot. My own robot. I have even given it a name. It is called M1.
Well, after much discussion and reading, I was able to assemble it. I took some pictures of my progress, and here they are.
Don’t forget, this is only the beginning……

A Place Where Children Are Giants

Like me if you are a child, you know that we are often surrounded by people and objects that are much bigger than us. What if I told you I have been to a place where I was a GIANT! Everything around me was smaller than me. Yes, it is true! Houses, People, Cars, Trains, Planes, even Airports were smaller than me.

You want proof? Look at the pictures below. They are real. The place where children can be giants is real – And it is called – Beconscot Model Village!

Air Cargo Transporter

It is Sunday today.  For me, it is a day when I make new things – usually using blocks, Lego and Meccano.  Lately I have been going to the airport often.  There I see many huge planes, but I also see these huge buildings where I was told they keep lots of cargo.
What is cargo?  It is just stuff; stuff which is coming from and going to different people and places all around the world.
So, today I decided to build an Air Cargo Transporter.  You can see that the back of the transporter looks like the fuselage of a plane.  You will also see that it is made of many sections.  This is because my transporter can change size, it can become longer or shorter, depending on how much cargo it needs to carry.
Do you have any ideas about how I can improve the design of my transporter?  Why not write to me below and tell me what you think.