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Christmas Festival in Rochester

Every year in December we go to a small English town called Rochester. The people of the town celebrate the life and work of Charles Dickens who is a well-known writer of Victorian times, author of the Oliver Twist book. Apparently, many of his stories are base in and around that area and he was getting inspired by people living in the town at the time.

The festival is very unusual and always puts me in a Christmas mood. There are carols, market stalls, street performances, lantern parades and even a snowfall! The snow is guaranteed every year – because it is artificially made of foam (I figured it out a long time ago!). But the most interesting things are the people! The whole town dresses up in costumes, pretending to be characters of Dickens’ stories, some are even scary! I don’t recognise most of them, I guess I should start reading more 😊 Do you recognize any?

Parade at Rochester
Parade at Rochester

Beachy Head

On Sunday, I went to a place called Beachy Head. By the time we got there it was a bit dark and very foggy, so it felt like we are on a different planet, very spooky. Since it is next to the sea there were cliffs around. Parents were telling me scary stories how the edges of the cliffs break off sometimes, so I did not go to close to the edge. Here are some photos we took.

View of Beachy Head
Foggy Beachy Head

My Trip to Farnborough Air Show in England

Farnborough Air Show in England is one of the biggest air shows in the world.  Couple of years ago I went to this air show with my father.  I saw so many planes and helicopters which I had never seen so close to me.  I even saw the Airbus A380 takeoff and land!  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy….

  • A plane flying at Farnborough Air Show
    A plane flying at Farnborough Air Show

Private Jet Plane at Farnborough AirportMilitary Helicopter at Farnborough Air ShowFighter Plane at Farnborough Air ShowBoeing 787 Dreamliner at Farnborough Air ShowRussian Passenger Jet at Farnborough Air ShowAirbus A380 at Farnborough Air Show

I would like to know if you you like to visit Air Shows.  Tell me below!

Have you ever been to an Air Show?
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Visit To Paris

Paris really is the city of lights! I was always curious about France, its language and food. Then my parents took me to Paris! I stayed in the heart of Paris, so it was easy to walk around and see all the nice places. I really liked walking by the river. But I liked Eiffel Tower the most. I even went to the top. You can see all of Paris from up there. Night time on the tower is even more beautiful. Paris really is the city of lights.


Brussels – Atomium visit

As a family we LOVE traveling. Does not matter where really – in England or outside, as long as there is something new to see and experience. This time we went to … Brussels – the capital of Belgium. We saw some interesting things, but two of them were very memorable. One is the Manneken Pis – a small sculpture of a little boy peeing into the fountain – HAHAHA! But most amazing one was the Atomium! This was the most unbelievable and unusual structure I have ever seen

It was built in 1958 for the World Fair. It was designed to last for 6 months only, but became so popular that it is still around. The structure has a shape of an iron cell, consisting of nine iron atoms magnified 165 billion times! (Wikipedia said this!). People can go into spheres using the escalators in the tubes – one of them is the longest in Europe. When it was first built, the structure did not have any supporting columns on the side, but Wind Tunnel test concluded that 80km/h wind will easily topple it over and the supporting columns were added. Still the whole thing looks amazing like a spaceship!

Atomium structure in BelgiumInside Atomium sphereTube view inside AtomiumEscalator inside Atomium

Winter In Canada

I don’t know why they call England a cold country while there are other countries that are colder like Canada. Have you ever gone to Canada? I have! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I went to the CN tower! (The tallest building in Canada!) There is picture of it to the left. I also went to a place called Niagara Falls – which is a huge water fall that separates Canada and America. There is also bridge from America to Canada and you can change a country just by crossing the bridge. But it is the same cold on both side, so no need to change really.

Niagara Falls in winter

Sea Creatures in Canada

My trip to the Aquarium in Toronto, Canada.  Some sea creatures are beautiful, and some are scary!  It would be interesting to be able to go deep into the ocean and swim with these creatures.  Well, may be swim with only some of the creatures!

  • Toronto Acquarium - Blue Lobster!
    Toronto Acquarium - Blue Lobster!
  • Toronto Acquarium - Ugly Fish?
    Toronto Acquarium - Ugly Fish?
  • Toronto Acquarium
    Toronto Acquarium
  • Toronto Acquarium - Sharks!
    Toronto Acquarium - Sharks!


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