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Sea Creatures in Canada

My trip to the Aquarium in Toronto, Canada.  Some sea creatures are beautiful, and some are scary!  It would be interesting to be able to go deep into the ocean and swim with these creatures.  Well, may be swim with only some of the creatures!

  • Toronto Acquarium - Blue Lobster!
    Toronto Acquarium - Blue Lobster!
  • Toronto Acquarium - Ugly Fish?
    Toronto Acquarium - Ugly Fish?
  • Toronto Acquarium
    Toronto Acquarium
  • Toronto Acquarium - Sharks!
    Toronto Acquarium - Sharks!


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London Wheel

In London we have a huge wheel, called London Eye. It is basically a normal Ferris wheel but much bigger and has big glass capsules that fit many people in. It is moving very slowly,  but I like that because it gave me more time to look at the views and enjoy the scenery. If you have not been there I suggest you go because it looks really cool especially at night with all the lights on.

Fuel Cells – Make Electricity from Gas!

A while back I wrote about my locomotive which runs on Fuel Cells – What a Locomotive Should Look Like.
Now I want to tell you more about Fuel Cells.  Fuel Cells are like batteries, but very different and very cool!  Fuel Cells create electricity from Hydrogen gas.  They do not pollute the environment.  Hydrogen gas is cheap and there is lots of it.  I think in the future many things will use fuel cells – Cars, Buses, may be even planes!  Look at the picture of the car, no polluting engine!  Instead, there is a fuel cell driving an electric motor.  I would love to buy a car which uses a fuel cell.
I will try to find some more pictures and will upload soon.


Superfast plane

Look at my Superfast plane! I drew it on a computer.  You will notice it is a double-decker plane like the Airbus A380.  But it also has huge area below the passenger decks to carry a lot of cargo.  And there is something else very unique about my large plane – It can land in water and take off in water as well!  Can you come up with another design?  Do let me know.

A Place Where Children Are Giants

Like me if you are a child, you know that we are often surrounded by people and objects that are much bigger than us. What if I told you I have been to a place where I was a GIANT! Everything around me was smaller than me. Yes, it is true! Houses, People, Cars, Trains, Planes, even Airports were smaller than me.

You want proof? Look at the pictures below. They are real. The place where children can be giants is real – And it is called – Beconscot Model Village!

Giant Leaves in a Park

Recently, I went for a drive with my parents. After about an hour we stopped in an area with lot of greenery. We decided to explore the area and after some walking we ended up in a large park, almost the size of a forest. There was even a lake inside. There I found something very interesting. I saw these plants with huge leaves. Each leaf was larger than my whole body!
Have you seen leaves of this size? Tell me if you have!