Children’s Art

When I have spare time, which does not happen often, I occasionally dabble in art. I particularly like to create Digital Art. You never run out of colours and you never get your hands dirty!

Egypt map homework

In my school we get homework once a week, every week. But we also get something called Monthly Homework. These are more creative tasks and so we get the whole month to plan and do it. I thought you might like to see what things I have been working on.
Here is something that I created when we were studying Ancient Egypt. It is a 3D map of river Nile, actually just the delta of Nile – where the river spreads out and drains into the Mediterranean Sea. I guess you can figure out that the orange is dry sandy land, blue is water and green is the fertile agricultural land. I first created pyramids from think paper and glued them to cardboard. To create the 3D surface, I soaked tissue in liquid glue, squashed it and placed it on the cardboard as well. The whole thing was drying for at least 2 days, after which I was able to paint it. I wish sand dunes were bigger but I doubt the glue would have ever dried if there were any more tissues.

Egypt map
River Nile map

Superfast plane

Look at my Superfast plane! I drew it on a computer.  You will notice it is a double-decker plane like the Airbus A380.  But it also has huge area below the passenger decks to carry a lot of cargo.  And there is something else very unique about my large plane – It can land in water and take off in water as well!  Can you come up with another design?  Do let me know.

Pink Fast Train!

Have you been on a very fast train?  I have been on one, a few times.  And it is called….TGV.  TGV is one of the fastest trains in the world.  It is made in France, and of course it runs in France as well.  Actually, it also goes to some neighboring countries like Switzerland and Italy.

I think Eurostar trains are also based on TGV locomotives.  Eurostar goes through Channel Tunnel, which you may know, is a long tunnel underneath the sea!  This tunnel connects England with France.

I decided to draw this train because I like trains.  I like fast electric trains even more.  TGV is an electric train, which means it does not give out that terrible smell which diesel trains give out.  Also, electric trains are much quieter and they are better for our environment.

Why pink? Well my simple answer is because I ran out of white paper!  But I think a train on pink looks unique.  Don’t you?


Martin in Space

Today is Saturday. I went swimming in the morning, and it was wonderful! It is quite a warm day, and when I came home, I thought of painting the sky. But hold on, why just the sky? Why not beyond the sky? Why not space? Yes, that is it! Space.

So, after about an hour here is what I ended up with……Space. You can see the Sun, Earth, Moon, and I decided to paint Mars as well.

If you look carefully, you will see a rocket. That is my rocket. Well I had to get to space somehow!