Robot Toys – Educational Robots

Robots are the future. Robots are cute and slick! One day I would like to design and build the smartest robots in the world. I will even have them at home. There are now a few companies that make robot toys, so that children can play and learn how robots work. That is just wonderful!

M1 Robot

Good news. I have turned 8! Some kids get a pet – may be a dog or a cat. For me, it is time for some new cool, smart toys.
To start with, my parents got me this box which contained a large collection of strange looking parts. After only a few minutes I knew I was going to build a robot. My own robot. I have even given it a name. It is called M1.
Well, after much discussion and reading, I was able to assemble it. I took some pictures of my progress, and here they are.
Don’t forget, this is only the beginning……