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Space Observatory

This is a Space Observatory I built.  It can receive all sorts of signals from space, from other planets and stars.  It has sensors for radio waves, light waves and can detect movements of objects – big and small – in space.

I am really curious about space, and I hope one day I will get to go into space on a big and very fast rocket.  Did you know even though our rockets travel very fast, they are actually extremely slow for travel into space.


Martin in Space

Today is Saturday. I went swimming in the morning, and it was wonderful! It is quite a warm day, and when I came home, I thought of painting the sky. But hold on, why just the sky? Why not beyond the sky? Why not space? Yes, that is it! Space.

So, after about an hour here is what I ended up with……Space. You can see the Sun, Earth, Moon, and I decided to paint Mars as well.

If you look carefully, you will see a rocket. That is my rocket. Well I had to get to space somehow!