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Winter In Canada

I don’t know why they call England a cold country while there are other countries that are colder like Canada. Have you ever gone to Canada? I have! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I went to the CN tower! (The tallest building in Canada!) There is picture of it to the left. I also went to a place called Niagara Falls – which is a huge water fall that separates Canada and America. There is also bridge from America to Canada and you can change a country just by crossing the bridge. But it is the same cold on both side, so no need to change really.

Niagara Falls in winter

Sea Creatures in Canada

My trip to the Aquarium in Toronto, Canada.  Some sea creatures are beautiful, and some are scary!  It would be interesting to be able to go deep into the ocean and swim with these creatures.  Well, may be swim with only some of the creatures!

  • Toronto Acquarium - Blue Lobster!
    Toronto Acquarium - Blue Lobster!
  • Toronto Acquarium - Ugly Fish?
    Toronto Acquarium - Ugly Fish?
  • Toronto Acquarium
    Toronto Acquarium
  • Toronto Acquarium - Sharks!
    Toronto Acquarium - Sharks!


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